Friday, August 30, 2013

LG Nexus 4 Case (Best Bang For Your Buck)

Looking for a decent case for your Nexus 4?

I have came cross this nice case made by RINGKE for Nexus 4.  With Nexus 4 having a glass back, which can easily break if dropped.  Having a case on this baby is a must.  So take a look at this case which looks nice and is not expensive (around $13.99).  

Click the image below to buy from amazon with free two shipping with prime.

Keep the design of the Nexus 4.   Let's not change the way your NEXUS 4 look and feel.  Keep the style all the time.

Perfect Lift Design:  No Scratch On Flat Surface.   Don't be afraid to lay your phone face down on flat tables or surfaces.  


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