Thursday, July 26, 2012

Official Ice Cream Sandwich For Lenovo Ideapad K1 + Google Apps Released!

This post is longer active and will not be updated, follow the link to new release at the following link:

Official Ice Cream Sandwich For Lenovo Ideapad K1, has finally released.  Follow the instructions below to get it on your K1.  This has been very long waited release, that was going to happen on June 15th, 2013, and got delayed.  

We take (this site) no responsibility for any fault or damage caused by any procedures within this guide. No warranties of any kind are given. 

Thanks to khanning ones again, we now have ICS for K1 with Google Apps + Root!!!!

Required Files:

Download either the rooted version or non rooted version.  Rooted has the latest Superuser.apk and su binary and the latest busybox, and the boot.img has been modified to allow adb remount and non one is 100% stock with Google Apps. (STOCK, NO ROOT + GOOGLE APPS)

MD5sum: 68499815e3937b96e31dc49c1dd099b6 (ROOTED + GOOGLE APPS)
MD5sum: b7762c0c83535eea9e542c6737bd1470

Install these drivers, before you continue: 

md5sum: 9aa3a4814ca63366329d85a22ed01f64


You need to boot into APX Mode, to boot into APX mode:
1. Power off
2. Connect your tablet to your PC (via USB)
3. Hold down the Vol - and the Vol +
4. While holding the Volume keys down(- and +), Power on
5. The display should go black, and both LED's on either side of the home button should light up. You are now in, APX mode.

1. Extract the  contents to a directory (download from above)
2a. If using Windows, double click the "flash-win.bat" file
2b. If using Linux, cd into the extracted directory and run either "sudo ./" or "./" from a root prompt

When running this BAT file, it will do all the hard work for you, ones finished you will have Ice Cream Sandwich on your device.   You can thank khanning for his hard work, making this happen in matter of hours after Lenovo staff released the ICS but without the most needed apps (Google Apps).  

Source: XDA

Since, I no longer own this tablet, I will not be able to provide any feedback on this, or test if the instruction above work, so . So if anybody wants to leave their feedback on this update, feel free to leave  a comment below.  


  1. There is no market in the update due to this being a vanilla release. As of no way to add google play and get it to open.

  2. Tim;
    Can you try the above release with Google Apps? Leave your feedback afterwards if you were able to successfully get ICS with Google Apps.

  3. I Follow the instructions but nothing happens, any detailed instructions would be appreciated, thank you

  4. Were you able to successfully boot into apx mode and run the BAT file(flash-win.bat)?

  5. download it, install it, everething perfect, but A LOT of apps from google play shows not supported by your device,any suggestion?

  6. Temporarily Solution for the apps saying not supported, is to side load them. Any apps in particular you are looking for that are free in the store? I can put them on my post, and you can simply download them and put them on your device and install it.

  7. Yes it is free, for example it's goog le maps:))) Then its ALK Copilot gps, and also i cant change filtration level at the google play, lots of aps which i have before, says the level of filtration can't let you make a download, spend half day yerstarday to solve that, no nothing

  8. I posted chrome and maps in last part of post above.

    Update: khanning working hard resolve the issues, watch for a update ROM with fixes. Also jelly bean is in works.

  9. Hi Satwant, do you know when the updates will be available?

  10. Funtik;
    Last update from Khanning was yesterday and he reported that "Google Play store works perfectly (No app incompatibilities). There are still a few bugs that need to be worked out before a release."

    It be properly be in matter of days, before we see this release but it will be well worth it. Like always I will provide a update when its out.

  11. Hi,

    I wanted to ask if I install the rooted package, will that root my device or will I have to go through a rooting process.
    If so, where can I find instructions on how to root the k1?
    I'm very new to this sorry.

  12. Yes, the rooted package comes per rooted, you do not need go through the rooting process.

  13. Update: Try the new release at the following link:

  14. this works great i feel i have a brand new tablet. I ave google play too. Thank you for making this