Tuesday, July 3, 2012

How to Install New Keyboard Languages in Samsung Galaxy S3


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Are you having trouble adding a new keyboard to Samsung Galaxy S3. I seems that there are limited language supported right now

The supported languages right now are:
To get more Languages go here

1. Open phone Settings. Easiest way is to click on the icon on your Home Screen. If you don't have a shortcut out, just click the Menu button and then select Settings.

2. Scroll down until you see Language and input.  Click on that option.

3. In the Keyboards and input methods, click on the gear icon (Settings for Samsung Keyboard).

4. In the Samsung keyboard settings, click Input Language.

5. In the Input Languages screen, select the languages you want. Example: English & German.

6. When done adding press the Back button. when you are back at Samsung keyboard settings, scroll down to Tutorial and click that option.

7. In the Tutorial screen, click on the text field to test your new keyboard.

 8. Click the World button to switch between languages. If you have more than 2 languages, then long click the World button and you will get a pop up to select the language. Also you can swipe left or right on the Space button to switch languages.

9. As you can see I switched the keyboard to German.

Menu and Back Button Location


  1. That last option is Korean, not Chinese - I want to know how to install Chinese as an extra option...

  2. So far I found that Chinese works with Smart Keyboard Pro which is $2.65. You would have to add Chinese For Smart Keyboard to get it to work. The Chinese Plugin is Free but it only works with the Pro Version. I will look around and see if I can find a free Chinese keyboard

  3. Hi
    Actually embedded languages depends where you buy the machine.
    here in Singapore, you have english uk, english US, korean, chinese, thai, arab, bahasa (malaysia & indonesia) and few other.
    but NO european languages besides english.
    i want to add french and it is a pitty that you cannot do it on a brand new leading edge machine.
    even on my 2 years old blackberry and iPhone 3 i can do it.
    desapointing brand :'(



  4. Hello,

    My galaxy s3 is the Canadian version and it only comes with three languages which are English , French and Korean. How do I install more languages as the ones you have on your languages screenshot? I need Portuguese and Spanish. Please your help will be much appreciated. Thanks

  5. Follow link to this post:


    you have to download a 3rd party app, and they are listed on that link above and then come back to this post on how to enable the languages.

  6. So i had the same problem when needed czech language. I dont like waste soft so i've serfed the net for years untill i've tried to install swype beta (here's the link for download www.swype.com/category/get-swype/). Also wanna mention that i've had swype pre-installed on my device (SG Plus) and it hasn't been rooted. So i've just installed the swype beta over pre-installed one (as the result my device recognised the new swype and the old one like two different programs). The point is in new swype downloaded from the web site u can go to language settings and download new languages ( czech, croatian, etc. ; not sure about chineese and other non-latin languages so u shold try it).
    Hope that helped you! Sorry for my english)

  7. I'd like to add I got my S3 from my insurance company (originally bought my S3 in Texas) and the languages it has are English, Spanish, Vietnames, Korean and Chinese.

  8. I had russian language before i installed samsung firmwave update.. now its gone. Dont install updates if everything works just fine!

  9. It worked perfectly for Spanish! Thanks!

  10. For those who are having problems with finding lots of languages, it also depends on which keyboard you use. The samsung keyboard doesn't have many options but I use Swype and found that it has lots of language options, for example Japanese and Chinese which the Samsung keyboard doesn't have. You can find free apps for specific languages if you can't find it under Swype or if you don't like using the Swype keyboard. Just google (language here) free keyboard app google play

  11. It worked! thanks!

  12. Hello...

    I do not have the World in my keyboard... What should I do? Please help ///