Friday, August 10, 2012

Jelly Bean 4.1.2 JZO54K CM10 Unofficial Port for Lenovo Ideapad K1 V6.1 (Working 3G)

Update Last: Nov 14th, 2012

We now have unofficial Cayanogen Mod 10 (JB 4.1.2 JZO54K) for Lenovo Ideapad K1, thanks to port of  "Khanning" CM9 Port and "Krook1" having CM10 working on Lenovo Ideapad K1.

This site bloggers and Khanning takes no responsibility for any fault or damage caused by any procedures within this guide. No warranties of any kind are given.

Check this post for latest weekly updates: XDA, Thanks to "krook1"

Latest Change log:

v6.1- Tethering options, User controlled auto-brightness, Updated WiFi Driver (faster connects, no more WiFi SODs)

The Good:
  • Wifi+GPS
  • HD video/audio
  • External SD
  • Gyro
  • Camera front/back
  • Bluetooth
  • Google Now with voice, Chrome
  • Internal SD (fixed in v2)
  • Paid apps (fixed in v2)
  • Auto brightness, Wifi button in notification bar (fixed in v3)
  • Overclock (1.2, 1.4Ghz) (v5)
  • USB Storage - MTP only (v5)
  • Tun.ko VPN support (v5)
  • 3G (v5)
  • Rotate lock switch (v6)
  • Home button (v6)

I am going to split this up into two sections.  

If you want to update to latest update and have ClockWorkMod  recovery and have followed instructions here I posted for CM9 port on your device then follow Option 1 Instructions.

If you are clueless, don't care, then follow Option 2 Instructions.

[ -----  Option 1: Update ----- ]

If you are rooted and have CWM installed follow instructions below, if not skip to Option 2

You need Custom recovery based off of an ICS rom to be able to flash this. If you have any other base, *do not flash* this image, since it will not boot.

Required Files:

Download both of the files below and put them on external SD on your device. (If you have 3G Version of Tablet download that version only, otherwise use WiFi file)

1. Download 1 File from Below:

Wifi or 3g

CM10 Zip: CWM Flashable image v6.1 (Wifi) 
      Mirror: CWM Flashable image v6.1 (Wifi) 
CM10 Zip: CWM Flashable image v6.1 (3G)
      Mirror: CWM Flashable image v6.1 (3G)

2. Download 1 File from Below:

LatestGapps: 20121011

Before going forward with this guide, check the following:
Total #'s of files you should have downloaded two, which are  CM10 Zip, LatestGapps)

Step 3: Only Required if you coming from other ROM.  Not required if you are upgrading to the latest version of this ROM from previous one.  (Warning: when you do this step it will wipe all your data and you will be required to re enter your Gmail account info and re-set all your settings, home screen, widgets... etc)

1. Download zip to External SD
2. Reboot to recovery (Use Rom Manager or 'reboot recovery' command)
**See Section Below for Instructions if you are stuck on this part***
3. In Recovery: Wipe Data/Factory Reset

4. In Recovery:  Wipe Cache
5. In Recovery: Install Zip from SdCard--> Choose Zip from SdCard
6. In Recovery: Flash the CM10 zip 
7. In Recovery:  Flash LatestGapps

9. Reboot
10. Enjoy

How to Reboot to Recovery

Rom Manager Recovery Reboot Method:

Download: Rom Manager from the Google Play Store and open the app and select reboot into recovery


Reboot Recovery Command Reboot Method:

Non-rooted version
1. Make sure you have the Android SDK installed.
2. Make sure USB Debugging is enabled on the tablet. Go to Settings > Developers options > and check "USB Debugging"
3. Connect the device to USB
4. Open a terminal or command prompt window and type

adb shell k1recovery
Rooted version
From a Terminal Application
Run the follow two commands


[ -----  Option 2: NVflash Package----- ]

If you never rooted your device and you are stock , follow the instructions below

Required Files: 
Download all three files below

Download Wifi or 3g version of Zip File Below

1. Download 1 File from Below:

NVFlash starter
Mirror: NVFlash Starter

2. Download 1 File from Below:

LatestGapps: 20121011
Put this file on your external SD on your device.

3. Download 1 File from Below:

Nvflash Windows Drivers: Download
md5sum: 9aa3a4814ca63366329d85a22ed01f64
Install these drivers, before you continue 

Before going forward with this guide, check the following:
Total number of files you should have downloaded three, which are  NVFlash starter, LatestGapps, NvFlash WIndows Drivers)


You need to boot into APX Mode, to boot into APX mode:

1. Power off
2. Hold down the Vol - and the Vol +
3. While holding the Volume keys down(- and +), Power on
4. The display should go black, and both LED's on either side of the home button should light up. You are now in, APX mode.

1. Extract the NVFlash starter  contents to a directory (download from above)
2a. If using Windows, double click the "flash-win.bat" file
2b. If using Linux, cd into the extracted directory and run either "sudo ./" or "./" from a root prompt

3. After table has booted, enter Recovery via long pressing the Power button on tablet, and selecting from menu selction "Reboot" then "Recovery"
4. In Recovery: Install Zip from SdCard--> Choose Zip from SdCard
5. Flash the LatestGapps
6. Reboot 
7. Follow Option 1 to update to the latest version!. (HIGHLY RECOMMEND STEP)

Post feedback below, since this is early build expect bugs. 

Khanning: via PayPal
Krook1: Via Paypal (No link, will try to get link setup if he is accepting donations)

Discover Card $50 cash back bonus, 0% intro APR for 14 months, 0% intro Balance Transfer APR for 14 months, $0 Annual Fee.


  1. hey I put this on my k1 with no issues. any idea if this will be made official?

  2. and how often do u imagine it will be updated? I would like to donate to khanning for all his efforts

  3. Hey Jason;

    From what Krook1 posted on XDA, updates will happen ones a week. I found a link to donate to Khanning and put that up of end of the post above.

    To answer your question if this will be made official?

    If you are referring to if this will become official release from CyanogenMod Team, to my best guess is this will not be a official CyanogenMod release, since this is not supported by that team, this was put together by Khanning and Krook1 and properly will stay that way since its not one of supported devices CyanogenMod supports. But never the less, it has all the features that normally CM roms has backed into these unofficial ports, you will not missing anything, don't let the word Unofficial word fool you, its only there so people don't go to CyanogenMod Team asking for support, since they are not supporting it.

    I hope that answered you question.

  4. Thanks for the comment Satwant, I appreciate your answering my questions. When do you suppose there will be a fully functioning version of this 4.1 release? Sucn as, autobrightness, USB Mass Storage Mode, Incompatible Apps in Play Store, etc..?

    How can I go about getting the weekly updates (does it require me to re-flash everything on a weekly basis or is it a simple upgrade through ROM manager for example)?

    Also, thanks for the donation via paypal link. I would like to support the devs who make this all happen.

  5. Jason;

    I can not really say when all these issues will be fixed, but with each update it will be one step closer to being more polished. I think ones Khanning start putting his full effort into Jelly Bean (4.1) version for Lenovo K1 and with Krook1 work with this one, i think it will make things go faster. Khanning currently focused on getting Ice Cream Sandwich (4.04) stable before he moves onto to Jelly Bean.

    For weekly updates:

    You can either check this post, because I usually keep it up to date to with most current version, you can check top of this post when this post was last updated (blue color.


    Go to the Original post on xda, that link is provided in my post above. (Check this post for latest weekly updates: Click XDA to go to the link)

    The Update:
    For new updates, good news is that you will not loose any of your settings (home screen/ data/ account information) with each update. Bad news is it will require you to to boot into CMW recovery to perform the update and flash two files. I have updated my above post to reflect if you are only updating. (Option 1: Update).

  6. you good sir are a badass

    thanks for the updates, looking forward to getting 4.1 updates now

  7. Hey Satwant, just curious about this. I had to put the ICS rom back on my K1, and didn't get much chance to play with the JellyBean version. I want to put it back on there but I noticed "the bad" section...can you provide any updates on this?

    The BAD:
    1.) Paid apps - Whats wrong with paid apps?
    2.) USB in mass storage mode (this is not supported on JB)
    Auto brightness
    4.) Rotate lock switch - Does software switch still work?
    5.) Incompatible apps - Amazon mobile (perhaps I need a better signature)- What other apps have you expereinced not working? Any timeframe on getting them to work? Anything I can do to help this along?

    I am not a developer, but an very technically inclined. Is there anything I can do to volunteer my time to make this port successful?

  8. Jason,

    Since I do not have this tablet anymore, I sold it few months. All the Bad and Good I post is directly from original post from Krook1, I forgot to update my post of bads and goods, according to the latest Version 2 release.

    The BAD:
    1.) Paid apps - Whats wrong with paid apps?

    This was fixed in V2, sorry forgot to update that in my post.

    2.) USB in mass storage mode (this is not supported on JB)

    Internal and external was fixed in V2.

    3) Auto brightness

    According to Krook1 it is still a issue in V2.
    Do it work for you on your device?

    4.) Rotate lock switch - Does software switch still work?

    Software switch still should work. It's the hardware switch that does not.

    5.) Incompatible apps - Amazon mobile (perhaps I need a better signature)- What other apps have you expereinced not working? Any timeframe on getting them to work? Anything I can do to help this along?

    Apps that listed as Incompatible apps: Amazon Mobile, there might be others.
    Have you experienced this with any apps you use? If so, list them. I'll put them in my post for reference.

    I also posted another version of Jelly Bean Rom, this one by Khanning, and seems like it has less problems with incompatible apps. Check it out at the following link, leave feedback on that post.

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. It works great. Unfortunately, does not 3G and that's a shame. And the USB Host function is also missing.

  11. Hi,

    I tried to download "Nvflash Windows Drivers - md5sum: 9aa3a4814ca63366329d85a22ed01f64", I am getting "The file you requested was not found" Error.

    Is there any link availble to download the drivers?

  12. Yea, that link is dead. I tried to find the file on my PC and re upload it and i could not find it, but when i do i will update the link.

    But, the drivers you need are also in the K1_CM10_JB_Starter_v2 file as well, download it extract it and there should be a "drivers" folder in there. The reason why another link was provided for drivers, because some might have problems using the drivers included with the kit and for some it works. So give that a shot, and let me know how it goes.

  13. @Satwant: :( Need help. Process is hanging half the way.

    1.Tried with "Drivers" folder drivers. USB drivers worked fine, but APX drivers were not working
    2. So Downloaded NVidia boot-recovery drivers from
    3. After that I was able to run Flash-win
    4. But the process is stopping at "Formatting Partition 12 UDA Please wait.. done

    - After that cursor is not moving
    I think, i have installed wrong APX drivers. Can you please help me to get correct drivers

  14. @Satwant..Tried again. Able to install now.

    ROM from the below link working fine.

    I will leave feedback.
    Thanks alot.

  15. Vishnu;

    That's great!!!

    I found the drivers on my PC today, for anybody else needs them, new link be up.

  16. Hello from Argentina, this CM10 still working with camera faces issue :S
    Any ideas how to fix it?

  17. Camera issues, are still there. You will have to wait for next release, that might have a fix for that.

  18. Thanks a lot! I'm waiting new updates :) If I can help you with something just say it and I will try.

  19. i successfully flash it...but i cannot turn on its wifi.... :-(

  20. Dave:

    Try the new update, it has new wifi drivers. Let me know if that fixes the issues with wifi.

  21. where can i find the flash-win.bat i already download all the files but when i unzip theres no flash-win.bat thanks.

  22. Ariel Damasco;

    Re download the file. I got some files mixed up in the guide, i have updated with the new file.

    The new file is called:
    NVFlash starter

    Extract it and should have the file:
    flash-win.bat inside.

    Let me know, how that works out for you.

  23. thanks i already flash my tab its working great will there be an update soon? thanks again.

  24. I do get an error "E:\ can't mount /cache/recovery/......"
    I have tried getting into recovery mode after installing JB AOSP.
    If I install V_starter2 version of JB of Cyanmodgen, I am unable to select the "intall from SD card" option. Home/Power button doesn't work for me.
    Is there anyone that can help me with this issue.

  25. Nihanth;

    I need to know more information, so i can try to help you with this.

    Were you able to successfully run: Starter_v2 ?

    Ones you extract the contents of the Starter V2, you need to put the tablet in APX mode(instruction in the post above). And then double click the file flash-win.bat from the starter v2 you extracted.

    Let me know if you gotten this far

  26. i have the same problem before and i try another micro sd card and it work hope that this help.

  27. All work well in this V61, except the "Tethering portable hotspot"....
    Any one can Help ?

  28. have you tried the apps in play store:

    Check out FoxFi (WiFi Tether w/o Root) on Google Play!

    Check out WiFi Tether for Root Users on Google Play!

  29. like to thanks you ones again i did upgraded to Jelly Bean 4.1.2 JZO54K CM10 Unofficial Port for Lenovo Ideapad K1 V6.1 every thing is fine i am very happy with it only one problem flash player not working can not install it says not device isnt compatible with your version. please please give me some solution for it.

    1. Adobe stopped support for jellyy bean.
      But you can side load it, here is the link:

      Let me if that worked.
      Keep in mind that you might have to enable install from unknown sources. You can enable by going to settings and then security and check allow unknown sources.

  30. Satwant Sarai Thank you very much it work great.I realy apprised for giving you valuable time.

  31. problem connecting to laptop
    Jelly Bean 4.1.2 JZO54K CM10 (Unable to mount K1) Unable to open MTP device '[usb:002,023]' getting this message i am using linux Ubuntu 13.04

  32. That might be a Ubuntu issue. Here is few links that might help. Let me know if any of the solutions below works.

  33. Thank you. Your blog was very helpful and efficient For Me,Thanks for Sharing the information.

  34. I cant find the jb starter or the driver files, where can i find them?

  35. The links in post are still valid. Here are the links again that should still work:


    jb starter

  36. try this: