Friday, June 22, 2012

Wifi & USB Tethering Option on ICS Android 4.04 (Tested on Galaxy Nexus)

Rooted users, stock built in application not working for you? Are you looking for a WiFi or USB tethering option for Ice Cream Sandwich?


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***Update 7/5/2012: Works perfectly on Jelly Bean 4.1 on Galaxy Nexus***

I found these two apps work well with Android 4.04 on Galaxy Nexus (Rooted with Liquid Smooth 1.5 RC3 ROM), wired and WiFi tethering.  Just throwing this out there for you guys if you are interested tethering options.  Feel free try any of them on a device and let me if it worked out for you in the comments section below.

WiFi Tether for Root by UsersMüller, Lemons, Buxton

Wifi Tether (google play store link)
by UsersMüller, Lemons, Buxton

PdaNet for Android (USB Tether)

Download and install

Follow the instructions to install (selecting device manufacturer if asked).

This will install small software on your pc and app on your phone and run both from your phone and pc and it will start tethering your connection.


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