Friday, June 15, 2012

How to Root Asus Transformer (Ice Cream Sandwich) for Transformer Prime (TF201), Original Transformer (TF101), and Newest ASUS Transformer (TF300T)

There is new root out for  Transformer Prime (TF201), Original Transformer (TF101), and Newest ASUS Transformer (TF300T), user by the name of sparkyn3 created this tool which was developed by miloj and it is posted on the XDA developers forums.


Before you attempt this root method, as usual attempt this at your own risk, us, or anybody who created this tool are not responsible what happens.

Step 1: Check Supported Versions

Check that your device is supported if not do not continue with this root method. 

Go to settings and About Tablet and check the Build Number listed, for example like in the image below and check the supported devices list to make sure it will work with your device.

Latest Supported Versions: 
v9.4.2.28 for the TF201 (Transformer Prime)
v9.2.1.24 for the TF101 (Original Transformer)
v9.4.3.29 for the TF300 (Newest Transformer)

Step 2: Download and running the root tool

Download and unzip everything, then run RootDebugfs.bat (any drivers you need, are included in this zip), and read the error below before continuing.

Errors and Tips:

If "Segmentation Fault" error occurs after "Test Superuser...", go ahead and say "YES" to the message, and it will continue to install the superuser.apk, it should still root the device.

Source: XDA

Post any comments below if this worked for you or what not.


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