Friday, May 17, 2013

Turn on Hangouts in Gmail (from Google Talk)

Upgrade Chat to Hangouts in Gmail

1. Open Gmail and click on your photo icon in Gmail's chat list.

 2. Click "Try the new Hangouts". Gmail will refresh.

3. Click Next on "Conversation comes to life with Hangouts"popup.

4. Click Next on "Reach your friends even if they're not connected"popup.

5. On "Get the Hangouts mobile app" popup, click  Okay, got it if you have Google+. If you don't have Google+ click Next.

       Google+ members

Non Google+ members

6. If you aren't a Google+ member, then a 4th popup will show. Click Create Profile.

Revert back to Chat

1.  Click on your photo icon in Gmail's hangouts list.

2. Click "Revert to old chat".

3. Click "Revert to old chat". Gmail will refresh.


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