Friday, August 17, 2012

Turn on/off 4G LTE Chip in Samsung Galaxy AT&T (No Root Required)

No LTE in your area? Wondering how to turn off LTE Chip on Samsung Galaxy (AT&T)?, Follow Instructions below to turn it off.

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Where the MENU and BACK Button are Located

Turning 4G off/on

1. Click the MENU Button and Click System Settings or Setting (Stock Launcher)

2. Click More Settings

3. Scroll Down to bottom, then click Mobile networks

4.Click on Access Point Names

5. You should have on APN set: AT&T PTA

6. Click MENU Button and then click New APN

7. Click on NAME and type AT&T 3G in the pop-up textbox and click OK.
    Click on APN and type wap.cingular in the pop-up textbox and click OK.

8. Scroll Down to see remaining fields
    Click on MMS Proxy and type in the pop-up textbox and click OK.
    Click on MMS port and type 80 in the pop-up textbox and click OK.
    Verity that MCC is set to 310
    Verify that MNC is set to 410
    Click on APN type and type defualt in the pop-up textbox and click OK.
    Verify that APN protocol is set to IPv4

9.  Click MENU Button and then click Save

10. For 4G LTE chip to be off have AT&T 3G selected

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  1. Does this allow GSM/EDGE 2.5G to continue working normally for calls and data as well as UMTS 3G?