Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bugless Beast Jelly Bean 4.1.1 for Verizon Galaxy Nexus by Samsung (CDMA/TORO)

Last Update: 8-06-2012

Episode II:  What I am running on my Galaxy Nexus (Verizon)?

With a large collection of ROMS  for Galaxy Nexus (Google Device), because of the support by many developers.  This makes a difficult decision to pick what ROM should i try?  I always stick with one ROM for weeks or months depending on how stable it is or if it has the features I need.  Last episode I was running Jelly Bean 3.6 by Jakeday, I ran it for 1-2 weeks before I decided to switch.  Reason for switch? I had soft reboot issues, whenever I turn on the WiFi, 4G connectivity issues.  There is also new Jelly Bean 3.7 release out from the developer to this ROM ( link: Jelly Bean 3.7), if anybody wish to try the new update, leave comment below, if you want to report anything about the new release.

Now moving forward, I am currently running Bugless Beast Jelly Bean 4.1.1 by Peter Alfonso (Recall: was a excellent developer for the OG Droid).  I been running the latest build for 2-3 days, so far I have not experienced any problems with 4G/Wifi issues.  Had 1 soft reboot this morning, after waking it up from lock screen.  Other then it been great.  See links below if you want to flash this ROM onto your phone.

We take (this site) no responsibility for any fault or damage caused by any procedures within this guide. No warranties of any kind are given.

Before we begin, you must be rooted and have CWM or TWRP recovery installed on your device.
Rooting instructions: via XDA forums: Rooting instructions

All credit for this rom goes to: Peter Alfonso  via RootzWiki (check link for latest update to the rom)

Bugless Beast Jelly Belly 4.1.1 by Pete

Files used in this guide:
JB bootloader link: JB bootloader
Verizon CDMA ROM link: 8-03-2012, Mirror 1: 8-03-2012

Instructions(Coming from any other ROM, requires a clean install):
0. Boot into Recovery (CWM or TWRP)
1. Flash JB bootloader (if you haven't already done so from my other post, not required though)
2. Wipe Data, System, Dalvik cache
3. flash ROM (CDMA)
4. Enjoy!!


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