Monday, March 5, 2012

Ice Cream Sandwich (4.03) for Lenovo Ideapad K1

Updated as of June 6/22/2012

Updated the Alpha release by kang below to reflect the newest release from them.  

[ALPHA][ROM] Ideapad K1 ICS CM9 Kang

Thanks to the khanning and  Cyanogenmod team, we now have a working ice cream sandwich android 4.03 for Ideapad K1.  You can follow the instructions below:


We take (this site) no responsibility for any fault or damage caused by any procedures within this guide. No warranties of any kind are given.

Now on to the good stuff:
Taken from Khanning post via xda and rootzwiki

Working :-)
-Rotation Lock
-Internal and External Storage
-Audio (thx Koshu and digetx)
-HW Acceleration (thx digetx for green overlay fix)
-CWM Backup/Restore - Fixed by using updated CWM below

Not Working :-(
-GPS? appears to work but doesn't connect?
-HD Video Streaming

Haven't tested HDMI out

[ -----  Option 1: CWM Package ----- ]

If you are rooted and have CWM installed follow instructions below, if not skip to Option 2

Required Files:
Download the files below and put them on your external sdcard before hand) 
md5sum: 7c34ec9242ab6ad4659b3bf310627ff4


1. Reboot into recovery.  (you can do this many ways, from app that's installed or from holding power button and selecting "recovery" from one of the options) 
2. Wipe data/Factory reset
3. Install .zip from sdcard
4. Choose the and say Yes
5. Flash gapps

Useful recovery navigation:
Power button = Back (Any submenu), Toggle Display (Main Menu), 
Vol+ button = Highlight Up
Vol- button = Highlight Down
Home button = Select

[ -----  Option 2: NVflash Package ----- ]

If you never rooted your device and you are stock , follow the instructions below and then follow option 1 instruction above to update to latest alpha release

Required Files: 
md5sum: 7c34ec9242ab6ad4659b3bf310627ff4

md5sum: 9aa3a4814ca63366329d85a22ed01f64
Install these drivers, before you continue 


You need to boot into APX Mode, to boot into APX mode:
1. Power off
2. Hold down the Vol - and the Vol +
3. While holding the Volume keys down(- and +), Power on
4. The display should go black, and both LED's on either side of the home button should light up. You are now in, APX mode.

1. Extract the contents to a directory (download from above)
2a. If using Windows, double click the "flash-windows.bat" file
2b. If using Linux, cd into the extracted directory and run either "sudo ./" or "./" from a root prompt

When running this BAT file, it will do all the hard work for you, ones finished you will have CM9 Alpha 1.5 version of Ice Cream Sandwich on your device.  To update this to the latest version follow the update instruction in option 1 above CWM package.


  1. This works great. It really speeds up the tablet and makes it work more like a IPAD. The only issues are that the browsers crash all of the time. I've downloaded all of them on the market.

    1. That is one of the issue with this release, i tried myself Chrome Beta, Dolphin browser, and the stock one, all of the worked in away but would crash. Since i don't have this device anymore i can't test the new alpha update that was released, i have updated the above post to reflect the newest one. Also keep in mind, i advise wait until next week, according to Lenovo official update to the Ice Cream Sandwich will be out on June 15th and it should fix the browser issues and other bugs like the HD video Streaming .etc.